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How do I write a good description?
How do I write a good description?
Written by Harriet Wetton
Updated over a week ago

A good description helps customers find your items and turns them from browsers into buyers. Write everything you know about the item. The more relevant information you include, the more likely your listing is to appear in searches.

  • Use hashtags. This helps customers who are looking for something specific find you. For example: #90sIKEA #scentedcandle #chesterfieldsofa

  • Mention any flaws. This is the best way to avoid any negative feedback or unhappy customers.

  • Use only relevant brand names/hashtags. Using brand names or hashtags that don’t apply to your item could result in your listing getting caught in our spam filters.

  • Include dimensions. This could save both you and your customer’s time later. Better for everyone!

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