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How do I price my item?
How do I price my item?
Written by Harriet Wetton
Updated over a week ago

Setting the right price is key to good business. The dream is an item that sells quickly at a fair price for what it cost you, so you can focus on your next stock drop.

  • Do your research. Start with Narchie. If your item is already for sale, this is your benchmark. If not, look elsewhere online, and keep in mind that the condition of your item can affect the value. Ensure you are realistic when setting your prices, and if in doubt, we advise going with the market price.

  • Handmade & custom items. If you’re a maker, don’t forget to factor in time, the cost of materials, and running your business. Consider your sellers' fees and shipping when pricing, too. Incorporating these into your final price will ensure your profit feels fair and your business is sustainable for you.

  • Still not sure? When in doubt, pick a price you’d be happy to sell at. You can make an educated guess and allow people to make offers while not being afraid to make a counter offer. Consider including a section in your bio that lets customers know you’re open to discussing price. If you’re not happy with the price, don’t sell the item.

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