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Narchie Sellers Best Practice
Narchie Sellers Best Practice
Written by Harriet Wetton
Updated over a week ago

Our recommended steps for a smooth sale on Narchie.

  • Add a profile photo to ensure your shop is personalised. Buyers are far more likely to interact with a shop that has a profile photo as it will catch their eye!

  • Message your buyer to thank them for the sale. This is a simple way to build good customer relationships!

  • Package your item securely. See our Packaging Guide later in this pack for detailed info on this.

  • Ship ASAP. Use tracked delivery, and keep a note of your tracking number.

  • Mark the item as shipped and enter the tracking details. This will trigger a notification for your buyer again to let them know their item is on the way.

  • Leave a review. Were they a good communicator? Share the love and let them know.

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