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Items not as described?
Items not as described?
Written by Harriet Wetton
Updated over a week ago

There is a range of reasons why an item may not appear as described. Please follow the process below. We encourage the buyer and seller to come to a mutually agreeable resolution.

  • Seller to ask and buyer to provide evidence of any flaws or issues that are not as described.

  • Work towards a resolution together.

  • If there is damage caused to the item during delivery? The seller needs to contact the shipping company to file a damage in transit claim.

There are many different items being sold across the Narchie community including second-hand, antiques, and handmade items. This means there will be a range of conditions of items.

It’s a seller’s responsibility to ensure any items listed have accurate and detailed descriptions with accurate photos. Narchies Community Support Team can step in to review and resolve the issue if you have bought or sold an item that differs significantly from the description or photos provided.

What would describe items that ‘ significantly differ’ from the description?

  • Incorrect measurements

  • Colors different from those listed

  • Severe damage to the item

  • Major wear or flaws which were not detailed on the listing

  • Different item

  • Missing items

What isn't covered?

  • The material looks different than it did in the images

  • Doesn’t fit or doesn’t look right in your space

  • Smells on items

  • Minor wear or damages on vintage, antique and secondhand items.

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