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How do I pack flowers for delivery?
How do I pack flowers for delivery?
Written by Harriet Wetton
Updated over a week ago

You can sell flowers on Narchie, here are some top tips for packing flowers.

Find a box the right size to fit your bouquet. You can chop cm off the stems if needed. Make sure the box is not more that 60cms tall or you will be charged a more expensive postage price.

  1. Write ‘FRAGILE FRESH FLOWERS’ on the box.

  2. Put a florist vase at the bottom of the packaging

  3. Screw up newspapers and stuff around the edge of the vase to secure it. Do not use bubble wrap as it can cause the flowers to sweat

  4. Wet some kitchen paper and fold it up around the bottom of the stems. Put a sandwich bag over the end of the stems and secure with an elastic band.

  5. Place your flower bouquet in the vase and pack with more newspaper around the flowers ensuring there is not too much room for them to move.

  6. Tape the box in the ‘H’ style with sellotape, place the shipping label on the top of the biggest flat surface of the box.

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